Caribbean Cruise Destinations

Caribbean Cruise Destinations

Caribbean is considered as the most popular destination for cruise vacations in the world because it is a tropical heaven with fantastic beaches with palms and clear blue water. Of Eastern-, Western- or Southern Caribbean, which is choosen Caribbean cruise destination for your vacation? The following information will help you decide right destination.


Eastern Caribbean

Eastern Caribbean is perfect for you if shopping is one of your interests, or you are looking for fantastic white beaches, and enjoy spending a lot of time at the beach. If you choose an Eastern Caribbean cruise you will have a more time to spend on land if you are going on a normal seven days cruise, because the Islands is closer together than in Western- and Southern Caribbean. This will give you more time for shopping and beach-, and water activities. The popular destination St. Thomas and St. Maarten are particularly great for shopping. Other popular destinations in Eastern Caribbean are the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and St. John.


Western Caribbean

If you are looking for more adventure Western Caribbean have more to offer. The cruise ships visit ports of larger islands like Jamaica and Dominican Republic, and ports on main land in Belize (former British Honduras), Costa Rica and Mexico. Belize can offer many archaeological ruins from the Mayan civilization. You have the chance to learn more about the high culture of the Mayans and their architectural structures. Or what about diving or snorkeling in wonderful surroundings in Mexico? Western Caribbean is preferred by those who want to visit ports that are less crowded by tourists than the more visited Eastern Caribbean ports.


Southern Caribbean

Southern Caribbean cruises often visit ports in Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Grenada. Aruba and Barbados is a clear choice if you want to visit some incredible beaches that are even more fantastic than other Caribbean beaches. Southern Caribbean is also less crowded than Eastern Caribbean ports and are a choice for those who want to avoid the crowds. Trinidad & Tobago are the islands most south in the Caribbean and can offer a animal- and wildlife you can’t see on any other Caribbean island. The many different birds are definitively worth a visit for bird watchers.


The Caribbean have definitively a lot to offer, and your choice should be determined by your interests. The similarities are many, but the differences are worth considering.


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