Chicago Line Cruise Options

Chicago Line Cruise Options

If you are intending to find a Chicago line cruise for a group of fifty or more, your options are various, such as taking a historical tour, an architecture tour, or a sightseeing cruise. Chicago, a vibrant city, has a beautiful waterfront. There are many reasons people select a Chicago line cruise. Maybe they want to have fun, romantic interludes, or they even book cruises for important events like weddings. You can take a sightseeing tour just for the sake of it or you can integrate a tour of the Chicago shoreline into another event as well such as an employee party, a wedding, family reunion, or other event.


Architectural Shoreline Cruise

Chicago has a lot of sights to see and a great perspective to see them from includes taking a shoreline boat tour. Chicago landmarks along the water have a rich history and a tour can help you learn more about this city.


Chicago, home town to the skyscraper, and home to more bridges than you can shake a stick at, is a place any architectural buff should visit at least once in their lifetime and the view from the water is breathtaking. Even if history and architecture isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy one of these cruises more than you’d expect!


Historical Sightseeing Cruise

Chicago has a vibrant history with and learning about it as you cruise the shoreline in a luxury yacht could make history anything but boring for anyone. Learn about the buildings and their purposes as well as the stories that surround the city from a view that you won’t soon forget.


A sightseeing cruise can be a few hours or can last the day with food and drinks aboard the cruise that continues into the evening. Some special events can be planned around tours and integrated with special occasions such as weddings or anniversary celebrations and if you pick the right summer day for your cruise you could even watch fireworks from the water to top off the event.


There are a lot of cruise lines offering their services but they’re not all created equally.


How do you choose the Chicago line cruise that is right for your group? Look for a cruise ship that offers adequate space based on your number of guests. When you have a group, for instance, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of extra room. If you have a group of fifty, for example, you might want a ship with more than a capacity for 50 so you’re assured of plenty of leg room.


Sunset Cruise In Chicago

Sunset Cruise In Chicago

As far as special occasions go, spending an evening on a gorgeous yacht on Lake Michigan looking at the beautiful Chicago skyline in a sky of crimsons and orange hues can make a lasting impression and be a recipe for romance. You haven’t experienced the true beauty of a Chicago sunset until you’ve seen it while out on the Lake on a sunset cruise.


Chicago has a lot of charter companies who will take you out on the water for your special occasion. Not all charter services are created equally, though. Regardless of the reason you want to book this sort of evening, it’s wise to look for a cruise company with a great reputation and a wide array of options.


Why book tickets for a Chicago sunset cruise?


A sunset cruise could be the ideal setting for a wedding reception or for the renewal of vows. Can you imagine your wedding photos with the Chicago skyline during sunset as a backdrop? If it’s more than a date for two you’re looking for, a Chicago sunset cruise that you can charter can often accommodate groups of fifty or more and can fit up to a few hundred guests comfortably. The entire event could be organized around the city’s majestic sunset. Summertime events can even be held around nights with firecrackers as well.


Plenty of Things to Do at Chicago’s Navy Pier


The Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois offers a lot to do for locals and tourists. There is a full calendar of events and many people visit regularly for summer events such as the air and water show. There’s dining, shopping, and you can also enjoy gorgeous cruises on Lake Michigan. There are rides, entertainment, IMAX movies, great dining options, shopping, a children’s museum, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, train rides, and more.


If you’re planning to come to the pier for a special date or a special event there’s nothing quite like seeing the skyline as day turns into night except if you’re seeing it while out on the water. At times there are even fireworks displays here which creates a big demand for dinner cruise tickets! Planning an event around the early evening can enhance the event significantly.