How to Plan a European Cruise

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How to Plan a European Cruise

Deciding how to plan a European cruise is no easy task. There are so many different cruise lines, potential destinations, price ranges, and voyage lengths that trying to narrow down all these criteria to match your dream vacation can be a daunting task indeed. This article will help you focus on the key decisions you need to make to ensure you get the European cruise package that is specifically tailored to your ideal vacation.

Before you do anything you need to decide what time of year you are going to travel. If your work schedule or other commitments limit your time window then that can have a huge impact on choosing a destination. Once you’ve decided when you are going you can start to research which European cruises are best enjoyed during that part of the year.

After you’ve figured out when you are going the next most important consideration is your budget. Cruising in Europe can be incredibly expensive. Yes, there are some discount European cruise lines operating, but there are some compromises if you choose this option. By knowing how much you can spend you can narrow down your options even further. If money is no option, then lucky you! I wish I could say the same.

Decide what amenities and activities you want available to you on your cruise. Though the spectacular sights and ports of call will obviously be the highlight of your European cruise you will still be spending a great deal of time aboard the ship. Make sure the ship offers enough entertainment options to keep you occupied during your voyage.

Check out what shore excursions will be offered with your cruise. Often the best part of a cruise vacation are the adventures you have when you get off the ship and start exploring. If you are the adventurous type then you will want to make sure you have a plethora of shore excursions to choose from that suit your personal interests.

Finally, figure out what ports of call you want to see on your European cruise. Europe has so many historic, magnificent cities to choose from that it is hard to go wrong, whatever itinerary you choose. However, if you’ve always wanted to see Spain, Turkey, Greece, or Malta then you’ll want to choose a cruise that allows you to visit as many of these destinations as possible.

For more information on planning a European cruise please visit our European Cruise Guide website.

Planning a Northern European Cruise

Planning a Northern European Cruise

When you first begin planning your Northern European Cruise you may well be confused with the wide variety of options available. Northern Europe has a wide selection of different countries to visit and ensuring you take in the sights you want can become a major excerise in planning.

Our handy introduction to the various countries available should serve as an introduction allowing you to plan your cruise with confidence.


Northern France borders the English channel and has many small towns and villages dotted along the coast of Normandy. A cruise in this area may well take in the Channel Islands including Jersey and Guernsey which although British have a vastly different climate to mainland Britain. The capital of France is Paris which is located a couple of hours south of the coast so a visit will require a little organisation.


On the opposite side of the English Channel you may well begin your cruise at the large port of Southampton. The Isle of Wight is a potential venue for a stop over as are the Channel Islands. The capital of Britain is London which is approximately one hour north of the south coast.

Denmark and the Netherlands

If you plan to stop in the Netherlands you can find a wealth of culture in the city of Amsterdam or the lowlands of Belgium. Amsterdam is the capital of Holland and is an easy stopover point for your cruise as it’s a port city. Denmark is located at the entrance to the Baltic Sea and is classed as a Scandanavian country. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen which has a rich culture.


A cruise around Norway can take in the delights of the Norweigien Ffjords and takes you northwards into the artic waters of the northern hemisphere. Pack your heavy clothes for the weather turns much colder but it can be worth it for a view of the Northern Lights.


Sweden is the next country you’ll find come across in the Baltic Sea. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm and it has strong ties with its proximity to Denmark. Sweden has strong Scandanaivian links and is full of the history of the Vikings.


Moving further into the Baltic Sea you reach the country of Finland and its capital Helsinki which is located on the southern coast. Being a port city Helsinki is an ideal stop for your cruise and is filled with a wealth of Scandanavian culture and history.


A cruise along the northern coast of Germany takes in delightful cities such as Bremerhaven and Rostock. You’ll no doubt look to travel inland slightly to Hamburg which spans the River Elbe and if you have the time arrange a trip further inland to Berlin, one of Europe’s most historic and vibrant cities.


Stop off in Poland in the Baltic Sea at the city of Gdansk and take in a thriving culture of this former eastern european state.


Coming towards the end of the Baltic Sea you reach the western coast of Russia and a visit to the beautiful city of St Petersburg. Steeped in history and culture St Petersburg has strong links to the Tsars who once ruled Russia and made the city their capital. There’s a vast wealth of museums and history to explore in St Petersburg including the old palace that ensure a visit is well worth your time.

Find out more information on Northern European Cruises as well as a wealth of additional information on other European Cruises at our website.

European Cruise Vacations

European Cruise Vacations

Taking European Cruise is one if not the best experience you’ll have in your life. Europe is a great cruise destination because of the natural beauty, art, culture and history it offers. Unlike Caribbean and Alaska wherein destinations are either island beaches or glaciers, Europe gives you spectacular landscapes, delectable cuisines, mystical history and culture in every port or city you visit.

European Cruises are basically divided into four itineraries – Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Western Europe and British Isle and Northern Europe and Baltic cruises. Each itinerary has its own highlights and surely you’ll have a hard time deciding what cruise to take! Let’s take a look at each cruise offerings to help you decide on what itinerary to take:

Eastern Mediterranean cruise highlights Greece, Greek Isles, Venice Italy and Turkey. Traveling this region offers cruise passengers a robust combination of history, culture and beaches to explore. Other popular ports of call are Croatia and the ports of the Black Sea and few cruises include stopovers in Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, or Egypt. The ancient archaeological sites of this area, combined with the natural sun-kissed beauty of the islands of Greece make the eastern Mediterranean a wonderful cruise experience.

Western Europe on the other hand focuses on countries like Spain, Italy and France. Architecture buffs and art lovers will especially enjoy Rome, Florence, and Barcelona. The French and Italian Riviera, Mallorca, and Monte Carlo feature beautiful beaches for sun and beach lovers. Riviera offers some of the world’s best boutiques for your shopping sprees.

A Northern Europe cruise is a great summer alternative to the Mediterranean with its picture perfect fjords and fairytale like cities. Northern Europe cruises offer a kaleidoscope of cultures, languages and traditions in the Baltic, the Norwegian Fjords and even the Arctic. Explore marquee ports like St. Petersburg and more offbeat offerings like Tallinn and Riga. These cities are each different, with friendly citizens and interesting architecture and historical sites. The perfect summer weather and long days are relaxing and invigorating for cruisers.

British Isles and Western Europe cruises are perfect for travelers looking for heritage in London, markets in Brugge and Irish charm in Dublin and Cork. The natural beauty of these islands mixes well with the excitement of London, and lots of hiking and exploring included along the way.

With these magnificent sites to offer, it is a no surprise that Europe is one of the most popular and best cruise destinations in the world. No matter what itinerary you plan to sail to, Europe will give you the best vacation and trip of your lifetime.

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European Cruise Advice

European Cruise Advice

European cruises are fantastic travel experiences; they offer history, beautiful landscapes and the unique flavour of European culture. If you want to visit the heart of Europe as well, don’t hesitate to take one of the many European river cruises which are available; the experience is certainly worth any amount of money. European cruises offer so much to take in and so many excellent opportunities to create wonderful memories.

European cruises offer so much to the traveller as well. Your destinations include port cities of Barcelona, Berlin and Cannes as well as plenty of other European ports. Travel by train through breathtaking scenery in Norway, kayak along Geiranger Fjords steep mountain walls, or go on an adventurous glacier hike. Travel to the old world charm of a Scandinavian & Russian cruise. See sparkling palaces and dramatic peaks. Travel via European tours and cruises and you’ll experience a little taste of everything.

European cruising allows you to experience all these treasures together. European city ports are closely situated and this makes sailing around the cities in the cruises convenient and fast. European Cruise Advice offers well organized advice to the must visit European sites. European cruise fares are still very cheap, but once they start to fill up the prices will also go higher. You heard it here first, but soon the news about cheap cruise fares, cheap airfare, the Dollar now being much stronger and the weak European economy will sink in.

Cruising in Europe isn’t the same as cruising anywhere else in the world! This guide offers everything a traveller needs to know in order to plan the ideal European cruise. The family-friendly vacation package that has gained the most steam in the past five years is cruising. According to the Cruise Lines International Association, ships have seen a record number of passengers-close to 12.5 million-in 2009, up from 8.65 million in 2005.

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European River Cruise

European River Cruise

They say that the best place to go on a river cruise is Europe. The Rhine River was connected to the Danube River after 1992, resulting to a 2,200-mile waterway that passes on 12 different countries. What is great about a European river cruise is that you would be able to go to places that an ocean cruise would not be able to access.

There are a lot of different cruises offered in the market today. It is best of you can find the time to compare each one of them from each other, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not it is of a good deal and decision for you to go with a certain cruise company.

A Danube River Cruise would pass through Budapest and Vienna, gorgeous cities that would enchant you with their beauty. You may also go for the Rhine River Cruise to see scenery that is worthy of your swoon and camera clicks. Other river cruises include Saone and Rhone rivers in Provence, some through the rivers of Portugal, and through the Dneiper and Volga rivers in Russia. One of the most popular cruises is the Christmas Markets cruise.

A European river cruise would not only be entertaining but would also be educational. You can experience the rich culture of the area, as how it started from being a place of development and growth. All of these experiences can be taken care of just by availing of a single package. The great thing about a European river cruise is that you do not have to worry of going from one place to another and worrying about accommodations. With a cruise package, everything you need is already included. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the trip.

As you compare different European cruise packages, look at the different perks and included amenities in the packages. Some new ships have a lot of modern and technological facilities. For instance, you may need to stay online or check your mail regularly while you are on the cruise. You may check if the cruise ship has WiFi access.

Whether you would choose to get a cruise in a ship with picture windows or those with French balconies which offer breathtaking views of the place, your unique experience in a European cruise ship would be unmatched by any other vacation you would go to.